Peacework is a hard rock old school power trio from Northeast Ohio. The band members consist of Danny Sullivan lead guitar and vocals, Keven Scarpino bass guitar and vocals, Jim Bailis drums and vocals and Frank Casper sound and recording engineer.

The band was founded seven years  but not without set backs. Original drummer Saxton (Meat) Wilson had to leave the band two years ago due to health issues.  After six months of auditioning drummers they found their missing piece with Jim Bailis.

The band's sound and style comes from the music of the Woodstock Nation and all the great hard rock bands from that era which influenced each members playing skills. Peacework is unique in their on way due to their knack for putting their own spin on cover tunes and also into their original compositions.

Peacework's plan for the future is to get and get heard by the masses as one fan told us we are one of Northeast Ohio's biggest secrets which we hope to change this year and our hopes of finishing a CD. 

Peacework would like to thank two Cleveland radio personalities Kent N  Angelica from WERE 1490 "Music Fo Ur Ears" so very much for consistently playing one of our original songs, "Demon's Of The Night" on their show for the past year and adding to the bands exposure. We can't begin to thank them enough for all they're doing with their crusade to have Cleveland and regional original artists heard. Their show airs Wednesday nights 8:00PM to 9:00 PM  WERE 1490 and also on TuneIn.